The ideal tissue embedding cryomolds for precise sample orientation, storage, and transportation.


The Seal’N Freeze® Cryotray® cryomolds [patent pending] was developed for use in our lab to address common challenges in frozen tissue sample processing and storage. The Seal’N Freeze® Cryotray® consists of four cryomolds, designed for easy separation and batch processing of multiple tissue samples simultaneously.

O.C.T cryomolds - tissue sample

Perfect frozen samples with smooth extraction

Creates perfect, uniform blocks every time. High-quality, durable plastic molds ensure smooth extraction of the frozen block. Say goodbye to crystal artifacts. Use Cryotray® molds with the Seal’N Freeze® box for snap freezing at -80 C (vs. -20 in the cryostat) and create artifact-free frozen blocks, optimal for flawless slides.

OCT cryomolds - easy sample labelling

Sealable lids for uniform shape and optimal protection/storage

Each mold includes a sealable lid, ensuring the uniform shape of each frozen sample and space for sample labelling.


smooth extraction

Saves time and money compared to standard process

Freezes samples 4x faster than standard process by allowing for batch processing of up to four tissue samples simultaneously. Decrease the time and money you spend on freezing allowing more time for research.

Quickly freeze up to four uniform samples at the same time, hands free, using the Seal’N Freeze® Box.