Seal'n Freeze Cryotray®

The highest standard in frozen tissue sample processing and storage.

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The Seal’N Freeze Cryotray was developed for use in our lab to address common challenges in frozen tissue sample processing and storage.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Cryotray consists of four molds, designed for easy separation and batch processing of multiple tissue samples simultaneously. Sealable lids provide optimal protection for storage, and ensure the uniform shape of each frozen sample.

Perfect frozen samples

Creates perfect, uniform blocks every time

Easy sample labelling

Includes sample space for labelling each sample

Smooth extraction

High-quality, durable plastic molds ensure smooth extraction of the frozen block

Quickly freeze up to four uniform samples at the same time, hands free, using the Seal’N Freeze Box.

Try the Seal’N Freeze cryogenic freezing box for free, with the purchase of 150 Seal’N Freeze Cryotrays.

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