Seal’N Freeze box

The Seal'N Freeze cryogenic freezing box will change the way that your lab processes tissue samples by allowing for batch freezing of four samples at the same time, hands-free, in under four minutes.

Product & Pricing

Maximize your efficiency by using the Seal’N Freeze box with our Cryotray – simply fill the box with your choice of freezing media (liquid nitrogen, or dry ice with alcohol), and place the Cryotray on the box’s platform.

Streamline the tissue freezing process

Freeze up to four samples at the same time, hands-free. Prepare the next batch while you wait!

Optimal temperature control

The box’s stainless steel case and foam lining ensures optimal temperature control throughout the freezing process.

Efficiently sized for convenient storage

The box is small and compact, allowing for easy storage – even in the most cluttered laboratory.

Process innovation = less waiting around

Four samples, flash frozen in less than four minutes. Prepare the next batch while you wait, and streamline your tissue freezing process.

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