Seal’N Freeze® box

Freeze four tissue samples at the same time - hands-free - in under one minute.


Maximize your efficiency by using the Seal’N Freeze® box with our Cryotray® cryomolds – simply fill the box with the freezing media of your choice and place the cryomold on the box’s platform

Streamline tissue freezing

Freeze up to 4 samples at the same time, hands-free. Prepare the next batch while you wait!

Optimal temperature control

The box’s stainless steel case and foam lining ensures optimal temperature control (-80° C, when used with dry ice & alcohol) throughout the freezing process.

Efficiently sized for optimal protection and storage

The box is small and compact, allowing for easy storage – even in the most cluttered laboratory.

Process innovation = less waiting around

Four samples, flash frozen in less than one minute. Streamline your tissue freezing process by preparing the next batch while you wait.

Cryogenic Freezing Equipment - Box Freeze Times