Seal'n Freeze Cryotray®

The molds used in top research universities and biobanks across the US.

Cryostat Mold with Multiple Sections

Perfect frozen samples

Creates perfect, uniform blocks every time

Cryostat Mold for Flat, Uniform Samples

Easy sample labelling

Includes ample space for labelling each sample

Cryostat Mold with Easily-Separated Sections

Smooth extraction

High-quality, durable plastic molds ensure smooth extraction of the frozen block

Using the cryotray

The Cryotray can be used with the O.C.T. compound of your choosing.

To close the mold for freezing, storage, and transport, press firmly on opposite sides of the lid until it snaps into place.

The Cryotray is designed for easy separation of each mold – carefully fold and tear away from the center connector to separate each sample.

Constructed of the highest-quality, most durable plastic for smooth and easy extraction of each frozen block for cryosectioning.

Cryostat Mold with Easily-Separated Sections